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Highland Regiments tug-o-war set to expand for 2016

Soccer, golf photos added to our online galleries

The latest additions to our online photo galleries include images from the Glengarry Open golf tournament and Sunday's closing day of play for Char-Lan Minor Soccer. You can check these, and more, out here.

soccer action     golf action

Cornwall Motor Speedway results from July 24

Terry Ladouceur was the top finisher amongst county drivers on Sunday night at the Speedway, and we have a photo of him and his car in the July 27 edition of The Glengarry News.

Here are the complete results from racing in Cornwall:

Pro-Stock results (20 laps): Terry Ladouceur, CD Beauchamp, Kevin Fetterly, George Renaud, Dave Seguin, Stephane Lebrun, Rock Aubin, Ghislain Valade, Dave Bissonnette, Marc Lalonde, Justin Desrosiers, Alain Tardif, Riley McMonagle.

Modified feature results (30 laps): Stephane Lafrance, Tim O’Brien, Joey Ladouceur, Brian McDonald, Bobby Herrington, Chris Raabe, Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Lance Willix, Kyle Dingwall, Corey Wheeler, Gabriel Richer, J-F Corriveau, David Papineau, Lee Ladouceur, Roger Levesque, Marc Therrien, Gage Morin, Kayle Robidoux, Mikael Labreche, Zach Aubertine.

Sportsman feature results (25 laps): Louie Jackson, Derek Cryderman, Adam Rozon, Billy Cook, Gilles Godard, Jessica Power, Mike Stacey, Scott Mcgill, Emmanuel St-Denis, Ryan Stabler, Justin Lalancette, Tyler Givogue, Steve Morris, Tristan Draper, Justin Lalancette, Thomas Cook, Gabriel Cyr, Brianna Ladouceur, Troy Fleming, Ricky Thompson, Junior Delormier, Pascal Racette, Shane Pecore, Miguel Peterson, Chris Ferguson.

Mini-Stock results (12 laps): Francis Blanchette, Bob Ray, Mike Gaucher, Alexis Charbonneau, Steven Quesnel, Marc Dagenais, Skylar Ladouceur, Corey Gates, Valaire Lecuyer, James McFarlane, Steve Morin.

Bonus Program
Modified Bonus Award: Stephane Lafrance
Halfway Sportsman Bonus Award: Derek Cryderman
Pro-Stock Bonus Award: Kevin Fetterly
6th place finisher Bonus: Marc Dagenais
Hard-Luck Award: James McFarlane
Hard-Charger Award: Bob Ray
Mini-Stock Halfway: Mike Gaucher

files from Martin Bélanger

New 5k kilt run to join Saturday slate of events at the Highland Games

New this year, the Glengarry Highland Games will feature a 5 k Up the Glens Kilt Run, scheduled for late afternoon on Saturday. Online registration, available here, closes at midnight Tuesday. Participants can also register on-site, on July 30, up to 3pm. For more information on the event, please see this page

Parents encouraged to register in advance for junior heavyweights, track and field at the Glengarry Highland Games

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of advance registration for the junior (children's) heavyweights and track and field competitions scheduled for Saturday at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville. Organized request registration by Thursday, though it is also possible to register on-site, should space be available.

For the details, please see this page.

River Kings continue to make moves for new season with recent signees

The River Kings signed their first overall pick from last month’s LNAH draft, in addition to two tough customers who local fans will love.

General manager Rick Lalonde came to terms with 24-year-old centre Michael Beaudry, who played in the Southern Professional Hockey League last season, after a year overseas in France. The native of Saint-Eustache is a graduate of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and also played for the St. Thomas Tommies in the CIS. In 2014-15, he scored 26 points in 26 games with Chamonix in France.

Also signed is 33-year-old veteran Martin Lariviere, a future fan-favourite who was acquired last month from Thetford. The 10-year LNAH veteran has appeared in 303 regular season contests with Sorel, St-Hyacinthe, and Thetford. Lariviere has a career 2,026 penalty minutes. In 33 games with the Assurancia last season, he earned 210 penalty minutes.

In a third recent move, Cornwall inked 22-year-old Simon Desmarais, who was acquired at the LNAH draft from Riviere-du-Loup. The 6 ft. 1 in., 240 lb. defenceman appeared in 17 games with the 3L last season, picking up four points and 43 penalty minutes. Desmarais is also a graduate of the QMJHL.

The River Kings previously announced the signings of forwards Jeff Legue, Lou Dickenson, David Croteau, Francis Ouimet, and Mitchell Porowski, as well as defenceman Ryan Sullivan. 

More signings will be announced in the coming weeks. 

files from Rodney Wilson, Media Relations Cornwall River Kings

River Kings player
Simon Desmarais

Photo galleries: latest additions include ERSL U14 boys soccer, GSL senior women's soccer

We have uploaded new photos to our online galleries, showcasing an ERSL U14 boys soccer match and a GSL senior women's game. You can check out these images and more here.

soccer action   soccer action

Boys Hearts soccer teams to compete in Kingston this weekend

Five soccer teams, under the Glengarry Hearts banner, will take to fields in Kingston over the weekend, competing in the Ambassador Cup Tournament/Festival.

The festival teams representing Glengarry on Saturday will be U9, U10, U11, and U12.  The tournament squad representing the county on Saturday and Sunday will play at the U14 level. 

Updated ladies ball hockey league standings to July 19

Here are the updated Alexandria Ladies Ball Hockey League standings, including games played Monday evening. For more, please see the July 20 edition of The Glengarry News.


Glens drop puck on early training camp

Check out the July 20 issue of The Glengarry News for a story (and photo) of the Alexandria junior B Glens working out recently on the ice in Cornwall. We have more photos you can see in our online gallery here.

Glens working out in Cornwall

GSL recent results from U14 and U12 matches

U14 girls
Alexandria 2 vs Maxville 1
Char-Lan #1 3 vs Char-Lan #2 2
Vankleek Hill 5 vs Laggan/GS 1
Alexandria 1 vs Char-Lan #1 0
Char-Lan #2 1 vs Laggan/GS 0
Maxville 2 vs Vankleek Hill 1

U14 boys
Alexandria 2 vs Maxville 1
Laggan/GS 6 vs Char-Lan 2
Char-Lan 4 vs Alexandria 0
Laggan/GS 7 vs Vankleek Hill 2
Char-Lan vs VKH: p/p weather
Maxville vs Laggan/GS: n/a

U12 girls
Alexandria Her-icanes 2 vs Vankleek Hill 0
Alexandria Tangerines 2 vs Maxville 0
Char-Lan 1 vs Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0
Alexandria Tangerines 3 vs Dunvegan 0
Maxville 1 vs Vankleek Hill 0

U12 boys
Dunvegan 5 vs Maxville 3
Char-Lan 9 vs North Lancaster 0
Alexandria 5 vs Vankleek Hill 2
Maxville 9 vs Alexandria 2
Char-Lan 8 vs Laggan/GS 0
Vankleek Hill 3 vs. N Lancaster 2

The July 20 edition of The Glengarry News includes match results from other divisions, along with the schedule for upcoming senior men's and women's games.

Char-Lan Minor Soccer Association results from July 7

July 7 results from CLMSA action

U7 Division: Dark Green 6 vs White 1, Light Green 3 vs Blue 1, Black 2 vs Aqua 2, Grey 1 vs Red 1.
U9 Division: Purple 4 vs Green 0, Yellow 3 vs Blue 1, Grey 4 vs Orange 0.
2006 Division: Purple 4 vs Yellow 1, Green 4 vs White 2.
2002-05 Division: Green 2 vs Orange 2, Red 4 vs Blue 0.  

The July 20 edition of The Glengarry News includes a story about the league's upcoming finals, as well as more recent results.

Glengarry Soccer League schedule for July 18

Here are the soccer matches on tap for tonight in the GSL.

U12 boys
DUNVEGAN vs ALEXANDRIA, 7pm, Dunvegan Big Field

U14 girls
CHAR-LAN 1 vs LAGGAN/GLEN SANDFIELD, 6:30pm, Char-Lan Barn Field
CHAR-LAN 2 vs MAXVILLE, 6:30pm, Char-Lan Gym Field

U19 girls
GLEN SANDFIELD vs MAXVILLE, 6:30pm, Lochiel Big Field

Tier 2 men
CELTICS vs MCCRIMMON, 8:30pm, Char-Lan Main Field
GREENFIELD vs GLEN NEVIS, 8:30pm, Greenfield 

Race report from July 17 at Cornwall Motor Speedway

Cornwall Motor Speedway had a big evening of racing Sunday, as the Patriot Sprint Tour was in town for its annual trip, along with a Lightning Sprint Canada-USA Challenge and a DIRTcar regional series 50-lap event for the Modifieds, the Sportsman class, and the Novice Sportsman group. 

The 25-lap Patriot Sprint Tour feature saw Jason Barney in the lead in the early stages of the event. He was able to manoeuvre through traffic, as the feature picked up momentum, and Jared Zimbardi made his way to second to challenge for the lead. Zimbardi made a great move to pass Barney with less than five laps to go, en route to capturing the win over Barney and Mitch Brown, who made a late move to finish on the podium.

In the Modified feature, Lance Willix was dominant, leading the whole 50-lap event that counts in the DIRTcar regional series. The winner had only one yellow flag to contend with in the first portion of the event. Behind the leader, Bobby Herrington and Chris Raabe battled for the second spot, with Raabe getting the best over Herrington by the finish line.

Steve Morris had a strong showing in the 25-lap Sportsman feature, dealing with several cautions, to capture win #1 of the season.

The Lightning Sprints were in town for their 25-lap Canada-USA Challenge. Guillaume Nedeirer drew on all his experience and was able to use traffic to his advantage to capture the win over Alex Therrien and Jordan Poirier. 

The Novice Sportsman race, the last on the card, was redemption for Greg Ezard, who finally put his #87 car in the winner circle.

Modified Feature results (50 laps): Lance Willix, Chris Raabe, Bobby Herrington, Mario Clair, Carey Terrance, Gage Morin, Kyle Dingwall, Corey Wheeler, J-F Corriveau, Michael Parent, Zach Aubertine, Stephane Lafrance, Joey Ladouceur, Brian McDonald, Gabriel Richer, David Papineau, Marc Therrien, Roger Levesque, Tim O’Brien.

Patriot Sprint Tour results (25 laps): Jared Zimbardi, Jason Barney, Mitch Brown, Steve Poirier, Devin Caron, Alex Vigneault, Dylan Westbrook, Chris Jones, Parker Evans, Alain Bergeron, Ricky Wilson, Lee Ladouceur, Ryan Turner, April Wilson, Yan Bilodeau, Jake Brown, Dale Gosselin, Jordan Poirier, Guillaume Nedeirer, Paul Pekkonen, Harvard Daniels, Lee Winger.

Sportsman Feature results (25 laps): Steve Morris, Jessica Power, Miguel Peterson, Louie Jackson, David Andre, Ryan Stabler, Gilles Godard, Scott McGill, Shane Pecore, Billy Cook, Justin Lalancette, Brianna Ladouceur, Thomas Cook, Ricky Thompson, Tristan Draper, Eric Lapointe, Gabriel Cyr, Emmanuel St-Denis, Adam Rozon, Tyler Givogue, Derek Cryderman, Tom Roy, Mike Stacey, Nathan Berry.

Lightning Sprints Canada-USA Challenge Feature results (25 laps): Guillaume Nederer, Alex Therrien, Jordan Poirier, Eric Boisvert, Eric Sundborg, Stephane St-Laurent, Mario Moreau, Yannick Poirier, Eric Mireault, Guy Blain, Lou Torres, Tomy Moreau, Benjamin Malo, Sabrina Blanchet, Charles Belanger, Pascal Levesque, Benoit Lafleur, Sebastien Hebert, Xavier Lauzon, Benjamin Mathieu, Sebastien Ferland, Kathy Caissy.

Novice Sportsman results (15 laps): Greg Ezard, Chris Ferguson, Dudes Thompson, Mike Evans, Brett Lozo, Dylan Crawford, Dana Francis, Chris Zieren, Junior Delormier.

Bonus Program
Modified Bonus Award: Lance Willix
Halfway Sportsman Bonus Award: Steve Morris
6th place finisher Bonus: Gage Morin
Miss the Podium Award: Mario Clair
Hard-Luck Award: Tim O’Brien
Hard-Charger Award: Carey Terrance
Novice Sportsman Halfway: Greg Ezar

files from Martin Bélanger

Glengarry Soccer League standings available online

The Glengarry Soccer League updates results and standings on its statistics website. The latest standings for each division can be found on this page. Each week, The Glengarry News publishes recent results from the GSL, as space in the newspaper allows. We also publish stories and photos from the league. 

Photos from past matches we have attended can be viewed in our online galleries here

Alexandria Ladies Ball Hockey League standings updated

Here are the standings in the Alexandria Ladies Ball Hockey League, entering games scheduled for tonight at the Billy Gebbie Arena. Be sure to check out the July 13 edition of The Glengarry News a story and recent results.

ball hockey standings

Extra sports page available online for our July 13 edition

This week, we have published an extra sports page which will be available as Page 17 in our digital edition for subscribers.  Others can access this bonus content here

Results from July 3 at Cornwall Motor Speedway

Modified Feature (30 laps) : Carey Terrance, Stephane Lafrance, Kyle Dingwall, Chris Raabe, Lance Willix, Corey Wheeler, Joey Ladouceur, Bobby Herrington, Mario Clair, Brian McDonald, Gabriel Richer, Joel Doiron, Gage Morin, Tim O'Brien, Michael Maresca, David Papineau, Marc Therrien, Roger Levesque, Zach Aubertine, Tom Jock Jr.

Go Nuclear Late Models Series (30 laps): Charlie Sandercock, Adam Turner, Phil Potts, Kyle Sopaz, Andy Mayhew, Chad Homan, Chad Belyea, Brandon Mowat, Tyler Rand, Chris Fleming, Dale Caswell, Johnny Hill, Austin King, Norm Mayhew, Robbie Wilson.

Sportsman Feature (25 laps): Brianna Ladouceur, Tristan Draper, Justin Lalancette, Miguel Peterson, Ricky Thompson, Dany Gagne, Shane Pecore, Emmanuel St-Denis, Ryan Stabler, Tyler Givogue, Louie Jackson, Gabriel Cyr, Thomas Cook, Jessica Power, Billy Cook, Gilles Godard, Mike Stacey, Zach Arquiett, Adam Rozon, David Andre, Steve Morris, Derek Cryderman, Scott Mcgill, Junior Delormier, Brad Winters, Mike Evans (DNS).

Pro-Stock Feature (20 laps): Kevin Fetterly, Dave Seguin, Dave Bissonnette, George Renaud, Stephane Lebrun, CD Beauchamp, Rock Aubin, Marc Lalonde, PJ Peters, Ghislain Valade, Riley McMonagle, Terry Ladouceur, Justin Desrosiers, Francis Desjardins.

Mini-Stock (12 laps): Francis Blanchette, Bob Ray, Steve Morin, Tyler French, Patrice Moniere, Sebastien Beauregard, Scott Hurford, James McFarlane, Steven Quesnel, Corey Gates, Marc Dagenais, Paul Deblois, Alexis Charbonneau.

Bonus Program
Modified Bonus Award: Carey Terrance
Sportsman Bonus Award: Tristan Draper
Pro-Stock Halfway Bonus Award: Kevin Fetterly
Mini-Stock Bonus: Francis Blanchette
6th place finisher Bonus: CD Beauchamp
Miss the Podium Award: Chris Raabe
Hard-Luck Award: Francis Desjardins
Hard-Charger Award: Dave Bissonnette

More Glengarry Soccer League results from week of June 27

Due to space limitations in the July 6 edition of The Glengarry News, some recent GSL results (as provided by the league) are instead posted here. 

Senior Women: June 28

  • Vankleek Hill B. vs. Dunvegan: 10-1 (Dunvegan). Goal scorers- Dunvegan: Michelle Derepentigny (4), Sara Deschamps, Emily Deschamps, Rita Denobriga, Rebecca Sphueler (3). 
  • Vankleek Hill A vs. Greenfield: 14-0 (Vankleek Hill A). Goal Scorers- Sabrina Kone(5), Alexia Chaumont(5), Aidan McGillis, Kyla Burwash(2), Leeza Duval. 

Tier 2 Men: June 27

  • Celtic vs. McCrimmon: 4-4
  • Glen Nevis vs. Greenfield:2-2

Juvenile Boys: June 28

  • Char Lan vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield: 3-1 (Laggan/GS)
  • Laggan/Glen Sandfield vs. Alexandria: 2-2 

U19 Girls: June 27  and July 3

  • Maxville vs. Dunvegan: 3-0 (Maxville) 
  • Maxville vs. Glen Sandfield: 3-1 (Glen Sandfield) 

U16 Girls: June 30

  • Alexandria/Greenfield vs. Vankleek Hill: No score recorded 
  • Laggan/Glen Sandfield vs. Char Lan: 7-1 (Laggan/GS)

U14 Boys: June 30

  • Maxville vs. Char Lan: No score 
  • Vankleek Hill vs. Alexandria: 5-2 (Vankleek Hill) 

U14 Girls: June 27

  • Laggan/GS vs. Alexandria: No score recorded 
  • Maxville vs. Char Lan 1: 6-1 (Maxville). 

U12 Boys: June 29

  • Alexandria vs. Dunvegan: 8-0 (Dunvegan)
  • North Lancaster vs. Maxville: 8-1 (Maxville) 
  • Vankleek Hill vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield: 6-2 (Laggan/GS) 

U12 Girls: June 29

  • Laggan/GS vs. Maxville: 1-0 (Laggan/GS)  
  • Alexandria Hericanes vs. Char Lan: 4-3 (Alexandria) 
  • Dunvegan vs. Vankleek Hill: 3-1 (Dunvegan) 
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